School community de speling (Genk)

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School community de speling (Genk)

In response to the Covid pandemic, the cleaning and disinfection of the school areas had to be responded to quickly. Means also had to be provided for hand disinfection. After research we came across Chrisal NV from Lommel.

After a conversation with the sales team, we became convinced of the effective and safe operation of their Synbio Shield range.

Synbio Shield is a range that guarantees a purifying and protective effect, both for the environment and for the person.
I have been implementing the product range in schools for about 18 months now. This applies to hand gel, general cleaning and nebulization.
Clearly positive experiences emerge from my personal experience and from the experiences of fellow teachers and the maintenance team.
Most of the findings are:

  • No unpleasant smelling products that have a negative impact on breathing
  • No damaged hands due to aggressive products
  • Effective cleaning
Adeler Marco, Preventieadviseur
Scholengemeenschap De Speling, Genk
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The positive reactions that came from the entire team encourage us to continue working with Synio Shield in order to protect young people and colleagues in a healthy way, both in a work and school environment and in the home environment.