How does Pro Bio Products work?

Are you concerned about the well-being of your loved ones and the environment? Then the Pro Bio products are perfect for you. Our products are good for humans and animals as well as for the environment. By using micro-organisms instead of harmful chemicals, we limit the impact on the environment and minimize the risk of harm to animals.

At Pro Bio Products we strive to use renewable energy sources to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.


These are good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human and animal health. These natural organisms are found everywhere in nature; also in and on our body. Through Pro Bio Products, these probiotics are enhanced in our environment and on our body. This ensures a good microflora that helps protect our health.

Pro Bio Products - probiotica
Pro Bio Products - prebiotica


Good short-chain sugars that are mainly used by good bacteria, including the probiotics in the Pro Bio products. These good sugars stimulate the development of a stable, diverse and above all healthy microbiome on our body and our immediate environment.


The Pro Bio products for a healthy and stable microbiome on all surfaces where it is applied through products. A good microbiome is of great importance in general health and helps to reduce the risk of infections and allergies.