What is a win-win deal?

Associations can apply for the Club Win-Win Deal, using the contact form below, by emailing the details below. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, after which the application will be processed.

1. Name of association
2. Address and town
3. Main activity of the association
4. Contact person – telephone number – e-mail address
5. Number of active and passive members

What is Probiotica?

These are good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human and animal health. These natural organisms are found everywhere in nature; also in and on our body. With Pro Bio Products©, these probiotics are strengthened in our environment and on our body. This ensures a good microflora that helps protect our health.

What is Prebiotica?

Good short-chain sugars that are mainly used by good bacteria, including the probiotics in the Pro Bio Products©. These good sugars stimulate the development of a stable, diverse and above all healthy microbiome on our body and our immediate environment.

Why choose our products?

Our innovative cleaning formulas ensure sustainable hygiene with just a few drops of our cleaning product in your bucket. You will be amazed at how long one 1L bottle provides you with impeccable cleanliness.

When the microorganisms in the products are released back into the environment after use, they actively contribute to the purification of water and the maintenance of a natural balance of microbes. This means that our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also contribute to a healthier environment!