Sustainable cleaning at Lommel SK

Verschenen op – 18/08/2023
Pro Bio Products - Duurzaam reinigen bij Lommel SK

City Football Group has given approval to the players, technical and medical staff to use the Souverein Stadium again. This decision was taken after noting a drop in positive corona tests and carrying out a thorough cleaning with decontamination by Qcleaners. 

Cleaning with Synbio® products

Urgent assignment Lommel SK!

Qcleaners teams were quickly mobilised and organised to thoroughly clean and then disinfect all technical and medical staff areas, the press room, offices , changing rooms and all adjacent user areas. Using the necessary cleaning materials, all surfaces were manually cleaned with Synbio® products, followed by a synbiotic air misting. This safe and sustainable air treatment was carried out using an electric sprayer, with which Synbio® Air Guard was atomised.

This very fine synbiotic mist distributes itself directly through the air in the room. As a result, a layer of pre- and probiotics is brought into contact with all interfaces and an additional layer on the cleaned surfaces. The action of the product is based on the combination of surfactants and probiotics that produce enzymes for a long time.

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